Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Thought for today:

Almost everyone wants something for nothing.
--Marsha Sinetar

Bargains attract. Finding a good value excites us, and we share the news quickly. Wanting anything for free is human nature perhaps. However, we have had to learn again and again that you get what you pay for. This is true of human interactions too.

Why do we think that others will be there for us if we aren't available for them? Having friends means being a friend, even if it's time-consuming. Although friendship's rewards are indisputable, we still tend to wait, letting the other person make the first move. Getting the other person to commit first reduces our effort, perhaps, but we will still receive according to what we give.

Knowing and utilizing this principle simplifies our lives. Once we master it, we never forget it. And what we bring to our relationships will be given back to us.

I am willing to give to others what I want in return today. Their efforts will match my own.

from Hazeldon


Pretty straight forward - you reap what you sow! Another hard thing about friendships is that you can go on and on thinking, I did this for them, and I did that for them, but the true value is that you will be loyal and there for one another and not expect anything in return!


Yesterday I renewed my books, but did not pay my fee, got my bike repaired, downloaded more photos, made bread, blah blah blah, loads of stuff!

Today I am feeling tired, I went to Brixton market this morning and got some supplies and then came home and made lunch, now I think I will go to the gym after downloading some more photos for the frog video.

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