Monday, 19 September 2011

Mon mon monday

Good morning!  I know it's been a while since I last posted, but, I have been busy at college, making new friends and learning etc so I neglected (sounds negative, maybe could say, let the blog have a rest) the blog for a little while.

Thought of the day 

When you blame others, you give up your power to change.  ~ Author Unknown


In the past I consistently blamed others or other factors for my unhappiness, like; it's because they drink too much, or I don't get appreciated at work, I don't get paid enough, I don't have enough, the list could go on and on, luckily eventually it clicked that happiness is a state of mind and no one can make me feel a certain way. 

Of course someone can be horrible to me and I could take offense, but would good would that do?  Might as well brush it off and if they are a stranger forget about it, if they are a good friend and it keeps on happening then maybe have a chat with them and explain how you feel or just decide that if they really where that good a friend they wouldn't speak to you like that. 


Right then, onwards and upwards. I am already getting the feeling creeping in that I am avoiding doing my studying, although I am not sure what small priority tasks I am replacing with the really important task of studying, gym you say? baking bread you say?  I can't decide, OK, I know they are low priority compared to study, but they make me happy, then this brings me to the conclusion of should I make a timetable? I think I'll just get on with the study, as I don't want to disappoint myself if I don't stick to it.  Live a day at a time you know!

Maybe it's easier if I set a reading minimum I should do everyday, so for example read 60 pages a day (doesn't matter what book, unless I have one I have to finish) and write 5 A4 pages per day?  I think I need to do a bit of research on this first, ahhhh, is that just procrastination? 

OK, OK I think the best thing for me is to set the above (maybe up the writing a bit?) and then read in bits and pieces and never force myself to read, otherwise it will just go in one eye and out the other.

Today I am going to read how to succeed at university and continue reading Psychology the science of mind and behaviour.

Other things that I really should get done today:

  • Gym.
  • Download more frog photos for the video.
  • Read Psychology essay titles.
  • Do my Sociology homework (due in 4 hours, its a paragraph, OK!).
  • Post eBay/All Saints items (get them ready tonight and take to post office tomorrow as I am off).
  • Make weekly food plan.
  • Read some of my google reader.
  • Make bread.
  • Reply to some emails (maybe tomorrow, as I will have more time).
  • Pay credit card online.

Other things I would like to do this week:

  • Research Uni courses I want to do as I have to apply by December this year and maybe need to go and see shortlisted ones.
  • Sort out my stuff in the cellar and start making boxes to clean and then sell at car boot sales etc.
  • Arrange a winter holiday.
  • Start getting my school bag and clothes ready the night before.
  • Do this site's advice so I can stay motivated for study.

OK, I need to do some reading.

I think this video is very funny:

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