Sunday, 25 September 2011


Thought for the day:

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
Albert Einstein


A good quote about concentrating on the day and task in hand instead of worrying or over planning the future, I have been worrying about applying for Uni and if I have to move out of London, but I suppose as it is a year away when I will have to move, and that's even if I do get into Uni's outside of London.


Previously I posted that I was following No Impact Week, so now I have a reusable steel water bottle and a glass bottle that I carry around with me, a flask to take hot drinks to college (less waste in terms of buying plastic water bottles and using throw-away cups and all the extras that go with them like sugar packaging and plastic spoons etc), along with a lunch box with a knife and fork to take my lunches around with me. More info here.

And as part of the project is also about trying to buy local food and cook your own, as I already love cooking and would love to buy locally I have found some local farmers markets and vegetable markets I can attend (more than one a week, so I can be flexible), which means today I will be visiting the farmers market in Parsons Green, you can search local London farmers markets to you here.

If I compare my progress to his then I suppose I have a long way to go and to be honest I haven't read all the articles that are extremely helpful with motivation and ideas, so I will do that today and see what other changes I can make.

Another blog I came across which I think is cool.

The song below, is one I really love and it makes me laugh too

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