Monday, 26 September 2011

Thought for the day:

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.  ~ Buddhist Saying


Basically about perseverance, and I think simple enough to remember.

We had a great time at the farmers market yesterday, and stopped for a snack (boiled egg for me and french toast for Aaron) in a lovely little cafe called Megan's which has a wonderful back garden, really smiley staff and is reasonably priced,  I think two boiled eggs and toast was £3.20, oh and the coffee is tasty too.

At the farmers market we got lamb chops, ham, kamut pasta, potatoes, two different types of apples, and lots of vegetables, oh and some lovely cheese made from buffalo milk...we are hoping to make home made pizza dough and pizza's on Tuesday for dinner and use the cheeses we bought.  And surprisingly, we managed to spend £45 at the market, and I think the food will last us until Thursday night....not bad.

All in all a relaxing weekend, that still seems productive as we went to the farmers market and I finished the book I am reading at the moment: How to be Free - if you read the manifesto on the link, it falls pretty much within my values.
So three things I absolutely must do today:

  1. Put money on my credit card (I have paid nearly half my balance since June).
  2. Go in to school early and do an essay plan and start writing my essay.
  3. After school and before my photography lesson write some paragraphs for my personal statement.  
Stuff that has to be done this week:

  1. Post ebay/all saints items (if I get these ready tonight?!?)
  2. Clean macbook hard drive.
  3. Speak to Luke at school.
  4. Reading, reading, reading.
  5. Studying, reading, writing essays.

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