Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thought for today:

As we think, so we become.

We can enrich our interior monologue. We can seek the company of people who inspire us with a loving approach to life. We can absorb the written thoughts of writers who encourage our positive emotions. We can decide to be cheerful and optimistic, just for today.

Whom would you rather be around - someone who chronically complains and talks about what a mess everything is, or someone who finds joy and delight in watching the antics of two squirrels in a tree? You are your constant companion. Your own company can be a pleasure or a drag, depending on the thoughts and feelings you permit to linger in your consciousness.

We take Steps Four and Five in order to sort out our thoughts, getting rid of those that depress our spirit. In Step Ten, we continue a daily mental housecleaning so that residues of resentment and discouragement are not allowed to accumulate. Then we go on to Step Eleven for an infusion of the kind of thinking that nurtures the person we want to become.

Today, I will exercise my freedom of thought.

Inner Harvest by Elisabeth L.


This makes me feel like I want to start doing my steps again, but I am not sure if I will commit myself properly, so I think I will wait for my timetable next week and then have a better think about it.

Also, I love watching squirrels! Seriously though happiness is a state of mind, I know I used to find great joy on searching out the problem in any given situation instead of going with the flow and taking difficulties as they come, without having to moan about them before, during or after. 


Not much has changed for my to do list today (put a wash in and tidied most of the bedroom), so I will get on with the other tasks.  Yesterday we went to do the food shopping (had a very fun time..!) we managed to spend £55 for a weeks shop including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 people buying organic produce where available..we just need to get some organic chicken for jerk chicken on Friday.

We had a lovely sausage sandwich when we got in, as it was late and it was a last minute idea, but, it was well worth it and tasty - I had one sausage in mine to try and keep the fat content down.

Today I am going to make vegetarian shepherds pie, with green lentils in place of mince and mashed sweet potato on top (with a bit of cheese), it should be good.

I've been baking bread for about 2 weeks now, so we managed to buy just one loaf from the supermarket, YAY!  Admittedly some days I have been using bread mixes as we have some in the cupboard and they need using.  It is very satisfying to make and eat your own bread. The next loaf I make is going to be out of Kamut flour which I came across in a general supermarket (begins with W),  I am hoping it tastes nice as then I can keep on using it and reaping the benefits of low fat, amino acids and higher protein than standard bread.

I am going to my friends house this afternoon to learn crochet and I am very excited!  I tried to teach myself, but I couldn' a new craft skill will be learned today, in return I am going to show my friend how to cook, for today a simple soup.

The last week I have been thinking of signing up to an organic veg box scheme or getting food delivered weekly so that we don't have to pay for a taxi or lug it back on our bikes, but that means having the food plan ready a week in advance...and relying on unknown vegetables to cook with, I will think for a little longer.

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Also, sign a petition to make our government have "better" regulations over our media.

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