Friday, 30 September 2011

Not against: with

Thought of the day 

"Always fall in with what you're asked to accept. Take what is given, and make it over your way. My aim in life has always been to hold my own with whatever is going. Not against: with."  

Robert Frost

Go with the flow man! I have been feeling disappointed as I haven't been sticking to my study plan as much as I hoped I would, but hey, the best thing for me to do is except that I will have to play studying by ear, and as long as I am getting the study time in then I will be going with the flow and not feeling although I am letting myself down.


Yesterday was a great day!!  I managed to write loads of passionate paragraphs for my personal statement, which now need to be toned down and then added to other paragraphs...I also decided that I am going to swap to Anthropology from English Lit, and I may even sit in on Philosophy classes so that I can get a better understanding in the subject.

All the camping bits are ready and waiting in the hall, later today Esther and Aaron will go and get the car we are hiring and then come back, pack up and then collect me from college. Whilst looking for the sleeping bag and gas stove in the cellar, I found loads of my possessions that I packed up and forgot about; including some new high lighters, which I know seems so sad, but for the purpose of frugality I am glad I found them before I went and bought some new ones, which I desperately needed! Oh yes, and loads of other exciting things that I am now planning to sell at a car boot sale later this year - there are SOOO many pairs of shoes.

Finding those things brought back some memories, some bad, some good, and also reminded me of times when I really thought that I needed certain possessions to be happy so much so that I would plan and obsess until I bought them (and I still cared about the environment!?!) - but really, they didn't make me any happier.  I am amazed at how my attitude changed for the better, and I actually am glad and maybe a little proud. 

In class yesterday we read an interesting article on materialism and consumerism by Jeremy Seafoot in New Internationalist.  The article seems to be pointing out that the western worlds negative view of materialism is actually consumerism, and materialism is actually what we need more of; taking good care of items and respecting the earth where they came from, which I completely agree with - I have only read extracts of the article, and will read the rest this morning.

OK, so some things I need to do today:

  • Do my Psychology homework before class...
  • Read some info on globalization and see what I think; maybe get a book out (it may be a good subject to study at Uni).
  • Renew library books online (although this hasn't been working as the server is down).
  • Send some emails.
  • Photocopy all past Anthropology lessons and read through so I can catch up. 
That's all I can think of for now, although my brain is niggling, so I think there is some more....hopefully it will come to me on the train on the way to school. 

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