Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A week seems to pass so quickly

Thought for today:

Why not make your mind healthier and go on a thought diet!

Cut down on all those unhealthy negative and wasteful thoughts that offer no nutritional value. 
Start feeding your mind with positive healthy thoughts.

Here's our suggestion for a balanced diet for the mind:
For vitamins, have creative ideas. 
For proteins, think powerful thoughts about yourself. 
For carbohydrates, have good feelings for others.

from Innerspace


Great suggestion, although it can be hard to keep a positive mind when coming up against a lot of hurdles that seem to be holding you back.

When I was younger my mum used to make me do a mantra "I am happy happy happy all day long" and I had to repeat it twenty times on the way to school in the morning.  I caught myself saying "I am happy and positive all day long" this morning whilst I was making my tea, so maybe it does work!


Today is my first official day off college.  There is a number of things I need to do including downloading some more photos for the frog video I am doing, as it was taking ages last night I am hoping that whilst America is sleeping this morning it will be easier for me to download.

I am also going to drop off my bike to see if it can be fixed and on the way there I will pop into the library, I will have monies to pay, arrgghh.

Last night I ended up making a lovely massive salad and then I toasted some of the bread I made, rubbed it with garlic, tomatoes, salt and hemp seed oil and put parma ham on it.  It was lovely and a great treat, as well as easy...we weren't extremely hungry so we are going to have the vegetable lasagna tonight.

A cool picture I made on a website I found

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