Monday, 12 September 2011

When you have staying power, you have the stick-at-it-iveness.  Like a postage stamp, you're able to stick at one thing until you get there.

So, even when there are lots of mini-failures, don't stop!  Use your strength, energy and focus to steer your way through the obstacles, and stay with it.  Use perseverance and somewhere along the road 'success' will show up.

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I had my first day at college today, my initial thought on waking was to not go in, basically a fuck it (please do excuse me language). But I got up and I went in, and I had a good day, I chatted to some people in my sociology class and I am now also glad that I am doing sociology, it seems very interesting.

Over the weekend I did a Carl Jung personality test (free one here) mainly out of interest, but also because I learned a little bit about Jung when I went to see a counselor and his training was based on Jung theories, any way.  All in all, interestingly I come out as a INFJ personality type.  There are loads of bits and bobs about what personality types mean what and helpful links to them at the end of the 70 questions.  The type seems to be a pretty good representation of me, so I am going to pay attention to the part about downfalls and try to work on myself.

I did the test so that I could try and see what job would better suit me, but surprise surprise it didn't really help; it tells me what I already know and am interested in. 

To do list:

  • Find out times/places of AA meetings I can make this week (based around college).
  • Buy books I need for college (online).
  • Sociology homework (some research tonight)!
  • Pick up hard drive (tomorrow).
  • Get bike fixed (tomorrow). 
  • Go to the library (tomorrow morning).
  • Get All Saints package ready and send.
  • Get ready and send ebay items. 
  • Join college library.
  • Get Aaron's mac put in my home office (currently not being used in storage).
  • Look up arts magazine subscription of magazine I saw in college today.
  • Read.
  • Frog video.
  • Go to library's close to college to see what they are like. 
  • Try to make a rough weekly plan for gym/college/etc (not sure if this is a good idea, might not actually do it).

So tonight I am going to start on the frog video, I will do it in final cut pro and try to get it to run for about 4 minutes (it will be made completely of photos).  I suppose I should start by downloading photos I like for the video.

This morning I made bread with the special Kamut flour, it is a moist light looking loaf, and very tasty, I think that next time I will add some linseed along with hemp oil and then it can be my usual loaf.

I love this song!!

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