Monday, 3 October 2011

back to school

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.

I think I find it hard to listen to others, especially when I think I already know the answer, and since being at college I have been noticing more and more that people do this to each other; instinctively ask a question, and only take the bits of information they need or want and then ignore the rest, or just ignore the whole answer.

Today I will actively listen.


Wales was fantastic, we had great weather and the campsite was beautiful!  We set up camp right next to the lake, and had a early night. On Saturday morning it looked a bit cloudy but then the sun came out and the weather was lovely, we went to town and bought some local meat and vegetables, had breakfast and I got a book from a charity shop. Bala is literally a one road village with pubs, bakers, charity shops - the usual and was right on the edge of a big lake where people travel from all over to do water sports in.

On Saturday evening we cooked over the fire and a disposable BBQ, we had fire baked potatoes, sweetcorn, lamb chops, pork chops, chicken, wow, it was an enormous tasty meal, then we went to the local pub (which also sells its own grown fruit and veg every morning from 7.30 - 11.00!). After playing cards and getting extremely hot whilst listening to locals chattering away in Welsh and licking our lips whilst they devoured lovely smelling food, we went to the town and bought some chocolate and cheese and so on - the original idea was to have a chocolate dip, to put fruit in, but we couldn't find what we where looking for, so made do with what we could find and had a midnight feast around the fire.

Sunday brought cloudy skies; in the morning we jumped in the deepest part of the river we could find, it was absolutely freezing, the look on every one's face once they came up was immense so say the least - I wish I had taken a photo. My favorite part was walking back to the site, on the springy grass with no shoes on with the amazing backdrop of mountains, sheep and pine trees.  We packed up, had showers and then headed out for a scenic drive through Wales, we went through a slate quarry and Mount Snowden - we got out and took pictures and had a quick look around along the way, but the weather was a bit cold and rainy so we admired a lot from the car.  All in all a very lovely weekend, I would definitely do again.  I am grateful for having such amazing friends (for driving, cooking and putting up with me) and family who provided me with the camping stuff I needed for this weekend, without them, it wouldn't have been possible - thanks!

OK, very important tasks for this week:

  • Look up and book free talks at LSE, local library and national portrait gallery.
  • Plan this weeks work load:
    • Research and practice run for timed writing exam this Thursday. 
    • Continue personal statement plan today; re-write and type up tomorrow, send to tutor.
    • Do further reading around Psychology essay subject and Anthropology.
    • Check which library books have to be back and when. 
    • Start writing Sociology essay.
  • Go to the gym (we ate SOOO much over the weekend and my back is starting to get achy) I will try and work my gym around Brixton as the library there seems to have all the books I want.
  • Washing, washing, washing; first load will be the wet clothes and towels from camping. 
  • Upload and edit photos onto mac, especially the ones I have done for my course, so I can show the teacher.
  • Organise and read through all subject folders so I am clear on what is happening and put extra info where needed.

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