Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Activism: Stand Up for Your Rights!

Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.

After deciding last week that I no longer wanted to drink star bucks. I am going to extend this to other parts of my life too.  I have already stopped shopping at supermarkets as much as possible, but sometimes for example on a Sunday night, I need too.   I mostly buy second hand clothing, I don't drive, I recycle, I don't read newspapers or watch TV (apart from some programs on the online players). I'm trying to be a 90% vegetarian. 

I feel these are all positive actions that I can do to overcome the negative consequences of monolithic culture.  By monolithic I mean the gigantic, multi-national corporations abusing our worlds resource and humans for their own benefit (money, surprise, surprise.)  However, I think that I need to take my cause and belief's that bit further to make a difference. 

I haven't been to any activist events or rallies.  I think I will make my first, this weekend.  I am going to try and find a leaflet that I had when I went to a lecture at SOAS, which was a two day event in London about Capitalism.  

I have also been looking at different sources for news and found some interesting websites, especially Democracy Now! Which independently reports on subjects such as the occupy.  I really like the style of the reporting and alternative view to general news.

Watch live streaming video from democracynow at livestream.com

Another good website to look for alternative views on news is Russia Today:

Now, to try and keep up with all the news!! 

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