Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Angie's Gone

Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power. 

Shirley MacLaine 

Angie left at 4.45 this morning.  I didn't get too sad, but now I miss her!!  But as I have lots of things to get on with and I know I will see Angie again soon, I'm not going to dwell on it.  Angie and I had a wonderful day in Notting Hill yesterday.  I managed to get some pretty photos and Angie panic bought loads of presents for her family.

I have realised that I now, including this morning because I don't have time, have not done any relaxing meditations or yoga for 4 days!  I still feel OK, but, I will start doing them again today.  As I know from before that I take my feelings for granted when I am happy, when I should really keep up the activities that keep me calm and happy.  

The google special anniversary animation for Stanislaw Lem's first book is amazing. 

OK, so ten things I am grateful for:

  1. A roof over my head.
  2. Access to lovely food and being able to eat it.
  3. Clean drinkable water. 
  4. Lovely friends. 
  5. Great family. 
  6. Hands that work, so I can do cooking, origami, typing and such.
  7. Access to education and good university's.
  8. Sobriety.
  9. Great teachers.
  10. My eyesight and IQ.

Oh yes, I am also grateful for Samurai Jack!!!  I have just finished collecting it, and now I have the whole collection I am going to watch it! The introduction is below:

Another samurai series I have been watching recently is Samurai Champloo:

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