Saturday, 24 December 2011

Others. Food.

"Acceptance of others, their looks, their behaviours, their beliefs, bring you an inner peace and tranquillity -- instead of anger and resentment."

I like this unknown, they seem to have loads of useful quotes up their sleeve.  I found this quote this morning as I seem to always have trouble holding back "advice" for others, which in reality might not be that helpful for the person at the time.  I suppose it means practising more acceptance and loving each and every person for who they are.  And being mature enough to realise that I don't have to conflict with people to try and help them.  

It has come to that time of year again.  I am already feeling that the amount of food and types of food I am going to eat will be enormous and unhealthy.  I'm not really that fussed about eating loads of food, but as I have gallstones I do have to be careful about the amount of sugar and fat I eat.  I think it is hard to get this message across to others without sounding so whiny, but seriously the pain of gallstones is only second to intense back pain that I had once.  And once gallstones flare-up, it takes a while from them to calm down.  Usually the pain comes at about 3 AM. I was told in hospital that gallstones pain is on par with giving birth, and then throwing up and pain for about 3 hours or so.  Anyway, I have decided that this year I obviously have to say no or eat less of certain foods to avoid having an attack and also buy some healthy foods like high fibre brown rice and beetroot or apple juice to keep my stomach healthy.  That way I won't try and blame others for my pain! 

OK, whilst the house is still quiet I think I am going to do a meditation and some yoga.  Here is a cool website with Buddhist meditations and talks on.  

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