Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Grades and Spades

"Be wise today; 'tis madness to defer. Next day the fatal precedent will plead; thus on, til wisdom is pushed our of life." 

~ Edward Young

An imperative quote for me today - and probably for the rest of my life.  I managed to defer handing a draft essay in yesterday as my teacher was off sick, today I need to update and actually finish my draft.  Instead I have been looking through photos of flickr and posting them to my new Tumblr blog.  There is legitimate reasons for me doing this - I am a keen photographer AND I need to learn how to illustrate hair, so I also posted many hair illustrations.  

Maybe I can do some hair illustrations during a short break from my school work.  For which I have received some grades back - for the first units at college, out of 9 marks I have 3 distinctions, 3 merits and 3 level 3 passes. Of course as I am such a criticizing nut job, I think these grades aren't good enough, but they will do and as my grades should get better as the course goes on, I don't have anything to worry about (unless of course I just continue writing this blog instead of doing my homework). 

I have also recently been distracting myself with card games - top trumps, texas holdem' poker and others.  Aaron got an amazing pack of cards for his birthday that are made of PVC and are see through, they are amazing.  So of course now I have to see what other similar cards are available.  So far, I like the zoo cards below found here
Beautiful and the cards have a good purpose!

Also: a quick up date on living sustainably.  We have now been going to the farmers market to get the bulk of our food for about 3 months.  It has been a wonderful experience so far because not only do we get to buy organic food straight from a farm for the same weekly budget we spend at the supermarket - we also get to meet up with the same stall holders every week, have a friendly chat, learn more about where our food comes from, get new recipes and we also try new vegetables too.  Rating on sustainability = high.  We are supporting local companies and eating mostly organic food which is sustainable for the earth with regards to the chemicals not being used. We always take our rucksacks and other bags in insure we don't use any extra plastic bags, taking our eco points higher! I know it's not a competition, but I am proud. 

We have been rather successful in our 90% vegetarianism, for those who are wondering - it is a bit like eating 9 Linda McCartney sausages and with 1 pork sausage - JOKE!  When I actually sat down and did the maths, a 90% vegetarian would only eat 10% meat, so with 31 days on average in a month, that would be 3.1 days to eat meat.  We are actually eating meat more often than this - although meaty meals have been cut down, we are having about 1 - 3 meals with meat a week.  Maybe that kind of works out as 3 x meals a day over 31 days = 93 meals. 3 meatylicious meals a week = 12. 10% of 93 is 9.3 (12 - 9.3 = 2.7)so we are about 2.7 meals over my first projected percentage of meals allowed with meat in.  However, in comparison to our previous lunch and dinner every day meatylicious meals - this is amazing. 

Next blog:  we went shooting (with a gun, not a camera!)


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