Friday, 22 June 2012

Film Photos

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
  - John Wooden

I went and got the film's developed yesterday in boots - and ended up paying £18 for a few nice photos, but a majority of unflattering, finger-in-the-way, unfocused photos. 

Next time I am going to go Old St and get the photos developed directly onto a disk and pay a lot less, so I don't feel cheated.

Although, the magic feeling of picking up the photos was unique and enjoyable.  So maybe when I am a bit richer I will pay the full price for photos to be developed.  Or I'll just have my own dark room.

One of the last photos taken on the Kodak underwater camera.  At the end of Ramsden Rd, London SW12

With the waterproof camera again. My feet in the garden.

Aaron and Jon after they went through old art they did together - the camera seems to be focused on the curtains/back wall.  Taken with normal film camera.  Jen & Jons new home.
Buster and Aaron in the health food shop - taken with waterproof (seems to be the best!!)

Posing in Elephant and Castle

Aaron looking sulky at home

Aaron with Passion (his bike).  I opened the camera at this there is sun bleaching, but I like it.

Angel in the garden (I like the shadow).

It was windy so the roses got blurred, but I really like the sun bleaching at the tip of the photo.

Battersea Power Station, from the back of Netherford Rd.  (this is before we dropped the camera...maybe it did work better before?).

The back of the car of the really cool older couple.  I heart them, wish I had been quick enough and bold enough to get a photo of them from the front.  Maybe I will wait for them in the car pack again. They were so cool. (Had to crop this photo due to my finger!)

My favorite photo from the 'normal' camera. Jen & Jons garden.

An example of my finger...damn you finger.  It only seems to happen with film  This is in the Galapagos Islands swimming with the sea lions.

Over and loads of stuff to do today.  Guess what...Ima going to finish my essays.  

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