Tuesday, 19 June 2012


A jug fills drop by drop.
 - Buddha 

YER. Good saying Buddha.  I was looking for a quote to post for AGES...about cleaning.  It is not surprising that they're aren't that many inspiring quotes about cleaning, because I believe that deep down all humans resent cleaning as much as I do!

However, as this is something I would like to change in my life (for more than one reason) I have to remember that change doesn't happen over night...but can make a big difference over time.  Just like a drop of water cannot quench thirst, but a thousand drops of water can.

I don't have much to post about today...I had really bad sinuses yesterday and did not have a very productive day.  Today I cleaned out my sinuses with salt water and it seems to be helping.  However, I am feeling tired so I think I am going to have a short nap and then get on with my long list of things to do. By the way, for which, I have started doing before any fun-times activities like this blog.  For example this morning I made Aaron's lunch AND did the washing up, searched for and saved some jobs before doing this...a vast improvement to my productivity levels before.

I was thinking that the way I tried to get things done before wasn't working - 2/3 hours to myself in the morning (to do reading/writing/excercise)and then any bits that needed doing after that. So I have now changed it round a bit and am trying to do not so fun before fun tasks - it seems to be working - sshhhhh don't tell my subconscious 3 year old.

My long list of to do's

  • Psy editing & email to Rohini.
  • Finish Anthro.
  • Reading for Soc/look @ essay plan.
  • Clean up kitchen.
  • Clear out clothes for boot sale.
  • Put shoes in bedroom away (maybe use bottom drawer).
  • Move books from bedroom.
  • Find a place to sell books from college.
  • Hoover under the bed and dust bits.
  • Move things from under the bed not used.
  • Call abbey re; closing account & money on credit card.
  • Call Natwest re; moving debt onto interest free credit card.
  • Call back to work office.  
  • Take throw away camera to boots to be processed.

My motivations are various and include: improving ability to get a job, improving amount of credit paid back, (through switching credit cards), making the house look clean and tidy, removing dust and therefore allergies from my immediate surroundings.  Earning money to spend on material for the dress, finishing my course and be able to go to Uni. 

I am being accountable - I will give an update on here of how I am doing.

My reward will be having the entire weekend free, the Thursday dance class and going to get some fabric at some point during the week, maybe even going dancing in a night club over the weekend! And also personal reading/research time.

I will try cleaning the kitchen for 3 minutes after I have tried my anthropology work for 3 minutes!

I also have counseling today, and hope it will not just be revolved around me talking about my school work.  Hopefully it will make me feel better.

Some updates and last weeks organization post:

  • I applied for a job yesterday, and will apply for another today.
  • I have been finishing meals when full and taking rescue remedies (without alcohol in)to help with my emotional eating.  
  • I have already started and nearly finished the draft for Anthropology.

So far, so good and seeing as I can track my progress I feel a lot more positive about what I can get done this week.

OK, that's it - over and out!

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