Thursday, 21 June 2012

A nudder organization day

"In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail."
- Anonymous

Having a willingness to fail is hard for me!  Especially when I always want to the very best grades and outcomes.  However, I must learn that enough is enough and sometimes getting a pass or below the bestest best is OK.  It truly is.  

I suppose this comes under limited thinking, and after reading this post I started searching for ways to deal with limited thinking.  There is another good article here too.  It's funny to think that when I first started trying to get out of depression and a repressive lifestyle the first thing I tried to change was my thoughts, but still I have to keep them in check.  I suppose it just means practising mindfulness and reading to stop myself from slipping back into old patterns. 

Right, back to the organization.  Something that really needs organization is our 'big day'...for which I have so many here it goes (along with what needs doing):

Appoint 1 main photographer for most of the day.

Polaroid booth - need to buy impossible project film, borrow one more Polaroid camera and appoint people to booth. (budget - £200?).

Make a props box and chalk board for people to use in photos.

Crafts/decoration (budget - £400)

Work out and buy how much fabric is needed for bunting and then sew.

Ask every body to save up glass jars/bottles for the day as we are making:

UV glow jars and candle jars for night time.

Jars with brightly colored flowers in.

Buy fairy lights to go around the bottom of trees/hang outside.

Buy chinese wish lanterns. 

Other paper crafts - buy tissue/crepe paper for these.

Paper mache supplies.

Make a list of all specific things that need making and send out an email to crafters who said they wanted to help!
Buy loads of candles (find a bulk cheap supplier).

Food & Drink (budget - £500)

Find suppliers of alcohol for wedding (budget £300 for the night/day).

Find meat suppliers for the BBQ (budget £200).

Locate and contact local veg/salad farmers.

Locate and contact local cheese shop.

Email those who said wanted to help with food with sample/idea menus in order to budget and buy the right amount of food.

Buy/find large mason jars to have cocktails/salads/food in for the day.

Personal touch's

Think of what wedding favors we want to give to people?

Check if the typewriter is working and get quality paper for people to type messages on.

Organize photo book for people to write messages in.

Clothes (budget...£500 - for Aaron & I)

Go fabric shopping/look in charity shops/online/on ebay.

Try to draw up some ideas with Esther.

Start rough makes with sizing etc.

Buy glitter/look at tutorial for shoes again.

Invites (£100)

Check where the designers have got to with invites.

Order the invitation holders.

Collect/collate addresses to send to.

Flowers (free - £200)

Check and write a list of what brightly colored flowers are in season for September.

Rings (Budget - £250ish)

Choose/design rings

Organize London reception
I have already spoken to Jen about the cakes - we are actually going to have cake pops and maybe some other bits.  Should be super cool!! 

So, rather a lot to do then!  However I have homework to finish first, but it feels to good to have gotten this list written down and out of my head. Although I am sure there are some things I am forgetting...

The venue is costing £1200 including our private roundhouse for the 4 days.  In total we should be spending around £3500 for the weekend which isn't too bad.

Updates on my other (other, other) to do list:

  • Psy editing & email to Rohini.
  • Finish Anthro (ONLY GOT 2 PARAGRAPHS TO GO!)
  • Reading for Soc/look @ essay plan (writing today).
  • Clean up kitchen.
  • Clear out clothes for boot sale (Friday/Sat).
  • Put shoes in bedroom away (maybe use bottom drawer)(Friday/Sat).
  • Move books from bedroom (Friday/Sat).
  • Find a place to sell books from college(Friday/Sat).
  • Hoover under the bed and dust bits (Friday/Sat).
  • Move things from under the bed not used (Friday/Sat).
  • Call abbey re; closing account & money on credit card.
  • Call Natwest re; moving debt onto interest free credit card.
  • Call back to work office.  
  • Take throw away camera to boots to be processed (doing today). 

YAY!  I actually feel like I am getting through my list.  

I have been downloading and using budget/to do list templates from here  and collating ideas for the design of the wedding on pinterest. I am going to do my sociology essay (a pass is enough).  I'm going to do some work in a coffee shop whilst I wait for the photos to be developed in boots.



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