Sunday, 17 June 2012

Red Velvet Cake with Oreo Icing!!

We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.  

~ Seneca

I really wanted to quote another book by hazeldon...But I am not allowed to reproduce it.  So I found the above quote which really resonates with how I would like to be.  

I always used to be keeping score - not just between mine and Aarons relationship, but with any one I had a substantial, or come to think of it, any relationship - e.g. I bought 'them' a drink last week, so they have to buy a drink this week to pay me back.  It was terrible and stressful and harmful.  There is another good article about it here.  

The bottom line is: if you really don't want to do something for someone then discuss it with them and try to come to an agreement, that way you don't start feeling resentful and score keeping again.  If they don't listen to you, or don't care then maybe you should rethink who you are hanging about with OR your approach to life.  

Update on the school work: psychology last essay, finished! YAY!  I also learned how to do the first row of crochet yesterday - beginners guide here.  I also found this video helpful.  I can't figure out how to do the second row yet, but think I will get it next time I try.

Today I have the sponsored bike ride which I found out is 10 miles (not KM as previously thought) and then some sociology and anthropology to do. So I am going to try and do my anthropology essay plan and reading this morning....and reward myself with ermmmmmm some sewing time. 

Also - HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you fathers and children celebrating with your fathers!  Remember, humans are not immortal  - spend the time you have with precious loved ones before they are gone (you never know when it will happen).  

OK - Chocolate Red Velvet - Beetroot cake with Oreo cookie icing.
(we made 21 cupcakes and 2, 1 tiered cakes)

Cake mix:
2 really large beetroots, grated

620 g plain flour - sifted

2 teaspoons of salt

4 teaspoons bicarb

800 g caster sugar

100 g unsweetened cocoa powder (the darker 
and higher in percentage the better)

570 g unsalted butter

6 eggs, beaten

4 teaspoons golden syrup

Any red water left from cooking the beetroot to add to the mix if it gets dry.

Grate the beetroots in a small boiling pan, and start boiling!

Whilst the beetroots are boiling start measuring the flour out and sift it into a bowl, add the bicarb and salt.

Next, melt the butter and add the cocoa and golden syrup to it.

Add the sugar, melted butter, eggs and beetroot(in that order) to the batter and mix mix mix.  You can also add vanilla essence at this point too (we didn't have any).

That's it - batter is ready to go in the oven.  

Bake at gas mark 4 for about 40 minutes (I usually check after the first half an hour and then periodically every 5 - 10 minutes until I think it is done).

Note: this recipe is made from this and the very first beetroot cake I made (which is where I learned to melt the butter, cocoa and syrup) which I can't find...... 

Oreo Icing

2 packs of cream cheese (we used quarks non-fat, so we could feel a little healthier about this cake)

3 packs of 4 oreo cookies

300 g icing sugar

120 g butter (softened)


Mix the cream cheese and butter together first and then slowly add the icing sugar until it blends properly, then add crushed oreo cookies.  Alternatively you can add the ingredients in the same order, but in a blender (which makes the whole process a lot easier).

Last step!

Put the icing on the cooled cakes/cup cakes and EAT or give away as gifts!

You can get mini oreos to decorate too (if you so wish).



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