Monday, 2 July 2012

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Personal Excellence
Personal excellence means to strive to be your best in all little and big things.

To strive for excellence, invest in yourself daily.

Take 5 minutes in your morning commute to go through the following steps:

1) Identify ONE self-improvement you would like to make today.

2) Create a deeper understanding of why this is important and beneficial for you.

3) Clarify how you will keep yourself inspired and motivated throughout the day.

From - Innerspace 

1) A self improvement I would like to make today - accepting people for who they are and not taking them personally.

2) This is important for me as it means I don't judge others views and approaches to life with my own, it allows me to accept others for what they are without finding fault and wanting to change them.

3) I will not have any expectations of people I meet today.  Those that I have met before will be seen as 'new' people who I will not have expectations of (apart from to be fair and not rude to me...).

Hopefully it will work!

I still cannot believe that my course is over (little dance in my head).  Cool!!

I am now freeeeeeeeeee, and have finally joined up to hot bikram yoga and plan to go 2 -3 times a week (if not more when I have nothing else to do)....I booked my first class for this evening and am very much looking forward to going.

We have been in Wales since Saturday evening as Aaron started the three peaks challenge on Saturday morning and completed it in 23 hours and 27 minutes! I am so super proud of him...and so grateful to have such a wonderful man to stand by me, LOVE YOU Aaron.  

Hopefully we will make it back to Wales and go to the Lake District to climb mountains with our family over the summer...looking forward to that too!!

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