Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's my birthday...I am now 27!! YAY!!

I think that's what makes life interesting - the evolution of getting older, and it's kinda fascinating to me, the whole process.
- Alexis Bledel

It's my birthday, it's my birthday, WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP.  OK, self celebration over...I haven't posted in a while. But is is because I have been meeting friends, doing things, making things - generally living.
Last week I decided that before starting any new craft projects (bar the ones for the handfasting), I should finish off the ones I have started.  This plan is going OK...I say OK because I broke 3 needles trying to recover the mini suitcase I got...and then gave into frustration. 

However, I did manage to sew two things that needed mending, which had been in a pile for a year - so I feel accomplished! :)
Also, plans for the handfasting are going well.  As our overall budget is £3000 I have been trying to do as much organizing, decorating and EVERYTHING myself...with a lot of help from friends! Thanks guys! We have had help with the following: invites, dress making, collection of crafts, food ideas/amounts, cocktail ideas and alcohol ordering...SO THANKS SO MUCH. 

Just to re-cap our budget is £3000 - a very cheap wedding in comparison to others.  Many people may wonder why spend SO MUCH on a wedding (yes I have seen lower prices) whereas others may doubt it is possible...(I think I sound like Rudi from mighy boosh.

A short look at the break-up of the prices is as below:

Wedding outfits (both mine and Aarons)  £500
We are having lots of help from friends for this - so thank you SO MUCH!! 

Flowers (my mum is paying for these)    £0

Photography                             £200
I have bought a polaroid camera and 50 shots to go with it, and have asked 2 friends to take photos on the day...although we may get a professional photographer just in case..?

Stationary                              £150
AKA: invites, thank you cards, wedding programmes and postage. Although we had to spend £120 on invites, so guessing we might go over this budget.

Ceremony                                £1300
Performed by my mum, for free :). Location fee and some books for signing are the main costs here.

Food/alchohol for guests                £500
With help from friends, family and ourselves we hope to keep this cost down (it helps that we are having a small amount of guests).

Decorations                             £400
Including mexican day of the dead banners, tissue paper bunting for the long house and fairy lights for decorations too (although we will be borrowing some of these!!).  We got loads of good tutorials for tissue paper pom-poms, home-made games, lighting etc on pinterest...which can all be found on my crafting board.

So far that's £3050 and doesn't include our wedding favours - which are super cool, but surprises!! 

There are places where costs can be cut down...so we will see :).

Oh yes, and our lovely friends A KISS WITH A WHISK are making our cake(s) or cake pops!

YAY!  Off to have a wonderful birthday morning tea and a read.



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