What is this all about?

Hello my name is Katie, I was born in 1985 in London. 

Originally I started this blog as a way to review what I was doing in my life to further my career, health and education: but not in the way that I now think I should have.

In September 2010 I finished full time work, and went into temping. I knew I wasn't happy in my career or my life and needed to get in touch with who the real me was.

I contemplated what I wanted to do and thought that, wow, maybe I don't know myself that well. What with going through education and then a career and being led to believe that to be happy I needed a full time job, loads of spare cash to spend on consumerism and a big house with the cupboards full got me thinking. What is happiness (it certainly wasn't having all these things)? 

My first decision was to think about all the things I ever wanted to do in my life; sing, be in a band, climb a mountain, go traveling, write a book, go to Uni, etc, etc (there are loads, to many to name here.)

My second was to look at what I enjoyed doing when I was younger; mainly creating: painting, building, acting.  Going for walks in the forest, dancing, singing. Asking people questions and learning about their lives. Not worrying!

My third was to try and fit these things into my life to try and lift my depression and the feeling that I didn't fit in. 

This blog is about, my average day to day life trying to be happy the way that was intended Yes - it's a question, I am no surer than anyone else on how we should be living, but I am trying. 

If you want to know more, read the blog, and look at more about.

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